Features of BSR Screen Recorder :



Comparison Of Cost and Number of Features

It is not possible to find any other screen recorder software which includes a Movie Studio at this price. With the Movie Studio you can cut and save portions from video, extract and save pictures from video, extract and save sound from video to WAV file, merge videos, create video from picture files, add or mix audio into video files, synchronize video and audio, resample video. At this price of $49.95, no any other screen capture software can do all these! All features listed above (including Movie Studio) is included in $49.95 price. (Click here for comparison of [$49.95 and [$89.95] price options)

Unique Features

WatchIt Mode

WatchIt mode provides an optimized auto-capture recording. In case of enabling WatchIt mode, it automatically pauses recording when the video stream is frozen and starts again automatically due to changes in the video stream. This is useful for video stream recordings in internet.

Simultaneous Subtitles Recording

Records subtitles simultaneously which the user writes through the keyboard while recording the video.

Zoom In & Zoom Out While Recording (2D and 3D Zoom)

Zooms into any portion of the screen while recording. (F9 and F10 keys by default)

Powerful User Interface

BSR Screen Recorder is designed to occupy less space in your desktop to provide you a large area of recording. You can fold it, or make it run in system tray or you can set it to work completely invisible!

BSR Movie Lab (AVI Editor)

With Movie Lab, you can edit your screen capture videos and AVI files frame by frame. Add text boxes, callouts, images, pictures, mirrors, slow downs, speed ups, transitions, effects, highlights to your video. Prepare tutorials, software demos, presentations etc. at this price! : $89.95 (Together with Screen Recorder) (Click here for comparison)

(Click here for further information on BSR Movie Lab )