Comparison and Features List

BSR Screen Recorder ($39.95)
BSR Screen Recorder+BSR Movie Lab ($89.95)
Recording of anything you see on your screen
Records video as AVI, SWF (Flash File), WMV (Windows Media)
Convert recorded AVI to SWF and WMV
Recording from any portion of screen
Recording audio from any audio source including speakers ('what you hear')
Recording subtitles (typing from keyboard while recording is added to the video as subtitle)
Record any picture file you select as watermark on your video
Zoom into any portion of the screen while recording
Photo capture
Photo studio
Webcam recording
WatchIt mode
DivX and XviD compatible
Codec selection and codec configurations (compression settings)
Multifile Recording (records to a new file when exceeds a specified size)
Handycam function (auto-pan)
Recording of mouse cursor movements and clicks
Mouse click sounds recording
Mouse cursor highlights
Custom mouse cursor selection
Wide range of capture speed settings
Size settings for video
Audio quality settings
Three levels of audio synchronization
Date and time display on video
Display and sound recording of keystrokes
Configuration of start and stop recording at certain times
Custom temporary and photos folder selection
Hotkey configurations
Configuration Wizard
Movie Studio
Audio adding/mixing into recorded videos, recording narrations
Cut and save portions from videos
Merge two videos
Grab pictures from videos
Extract and save sound from videos
Pictures To Video - Create movie of your picture files
Audio-video synchronization
Resample video (change codec and speed of video)
BSR Movie Lab (AVI Editor) (Click here for further Movie Lab information)
Edits video frame by frame
Add texts, pictures, images, videos, callouts, arrows, highlights into video
Add mirrors, zoom-in, zoom-out
Transparent objects
Add various transitions, effects
Slow down or speed up any part of the video
Add JumpTo's for skipping any part of the video
Recreate edited videos with another codec, change dimensions, speeds
Reconstruct/convert video to a new frame per second rate (fps)