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In this window, you can

- record audio (such as narration) or use an existing sound file (wave file) to add or mix or append it into the opened video

- change the volume of the audio of the existing audio

- merge separate video and audio files (you can also use a BSR synchronization file to synchronize audio and add mouse and keystroke sounds into the video).

Click Open AVI File button to open a video.

Audio From Sound File : Select this option if you want to add audio into video from a sound file. When this option is selected, Open Sound File button will be activated. Click Open Sound File button to select a wave file for adding into the video.

Record Audio : Select this option if you want to record audio from the selected audio source. Click Select Audio Source button to select the audio source.

Click Record button to start audio recording, Play button to listen to the recorded audio, Stop button to stop recording or playing. Click Save button to save the recorded audio into a wave file.

Mute Audio During Recording : If checked, it will mute if audio exists in the video.

Add Mouse Click and Keystroke Sounds Button : Click this button to open a BSR syn file. If the “ Leave Video and Audio Files Unmerged ” option that exists in Configure->Option tab->Other Settings is checked then BSR leaves recorded video and audio files unmerged. In that case, BSR will also save a file including the mouse click and keystroke information into the folder where the audio file is saved.

Mix Audio/Add Audio/Append Audio :

- Mix Audio : If the video already includes an audio stream then the selected (or recorded) audio will be mixed with the existing one. This can be used to add narration to the video which already has an audio. Or, this option can be used for adding a background music.

- Add Audio : This option will overwrite the existing audio of the video with the selected/recorded new audio.

- Append Audio : If the video has an audio stream, this option will append the new audio at the end of the existing one.

Volume : When clicked to the Apply button, it will change (increase or decrease) the volume of the audio from the specified rate.

Mute : It will mute the audio when viewing the video.

Play and Stop Buttons : Press Play button to start playing the video and audio. And Stop button to stop playing.

Add/Mix Audio Into The Movie : Click this button to add or mix the audio into the video. It will ask a filename to create a new video with the new audio.

Play New Movie File : Click this button to open the new created video in the default media player.



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