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In this window, you can

- change speeds of the video and audio streams,

- insert silence to anywhere in the audio stream

- delete any part of the audio

to synchronize the audio with video.

Click Open AVI File button to open a video.

Opening an AVI movie file will display its video and audio streams in the time scale. There are two methods for audio synchronizing:

1) Using Stretch Audio buttons

This is the better and easier method for synchronization. While watching the video you can click on -2x,-1x,+1x,+2x buttons until you decide that the movie is synchronized. For instance, if the video is faster than audio, you should click on -2x and -1x buttons to decrease video speed. Or, if the video is slower than audio, you should click on +1x and +2x buttons to increase video speed.

You can use Loop functions to work on a specific part of the movie. Loop will play the video between loop markers (red markers) repeatedly.

2) Use markers

In order to synchronize, you may also mark the points both on the video and audio scales separately which these points are supposed to be played at the same time when synchronized. Add markers as much as possible for getting better results. Each marker consists of two pointers with same color (one for video and one for audio). By pressing the ' Synchronize To Markers ' button, BSR Movie Studio will try to synchronize video and audio streams automatically according to your latest marker by changing the video stream's playback speed. In order to get better results, markers should be added towards the end of the video. In case this auto-synchronization does not provide an exact solution, you can edit your movies audio stream by inserting silence in any length you desire or you can delete any part of the audio you selected. And finally you can also change the speeds of video and/or audio streams separately.

Clicking the ' Mark This Video Frame ' will mark the current video frame. Click on the video and/or audio scales in order to add or relocate the markers. Enabling ' Force Audio Timing ' option will cause BSR Movie Studio to play audio on its real time during preview. If audio skips during playing, you can try to disable this option. It has no effect on the original AVI file.

You should click on the ' Apply ' button in order to apply the changes into the AVI file you're working on.



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