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3.4. FILE TAB :

When the Save Files Automatically option is checked, BSR automatically saves the recorded video files into the specified directory.

The file is named automatically with the file format specified by the user. The default file name form consists of the date and time of the completion of the recording.

Change File Name Format :

Items listed in the Available Fields section can be added to the file name format. File name format can be fully customized by the user. When Overwrite existing files option is selected, BSR overwrites the existing files without warning. Otherwise, BSR will rename the file to a non-existing file name. Autonumber digit number and Autonumber start from fields specify the settings of the Autonumber element and will be used only when the Autonumber item is used in the file name format. File Name Preview displays a sample for the file name format. Defaults button restore the default values.

Enable Multiple File Recording :

When the Enable Multiple File Recording option is checked, BSR automatically switches to a new file when the AVI file exceeds the specified file size.

Temporary Folder :

BSR Screen Recorder uses this temporary folder while recording. You can change the temporary folder from here. Clear BSR Temp Directory button deletes the existing files in the BSR temp directory.

Photos Folder :

BSR Screen Recorder saves captures photo files into this folder.


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