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6.4. MERGE :

In this window, you can

- merge two AVI files

- change compression (codec) of the new video

- specify the speed and size of the new video

Click Open AVI File 1 button to open the first video.

Click Open AVI File 2 button to open the second video.

Click Merge Movies button to combine two AVI files into one file.

You can select any compressor (codec) installed in your computer for the new video file, specify its new speed and dimensions.

BSR also combines the audio streams of the movies if possible. If you don't prefer to include the audio of any of the videos, just uncheck the Include Audio option for each video.

Play New Movie : Click this button to open the new created video in the default media player.

Speed of the new video : If the playback speeds of the videos are different, you can first open one of the videos in the Movie Lab and reconstruct the video for speed to obtain the same speed with the other video. (See the Produce Video part of section 7 Movie Lab for reconstructing video for a different speed.)



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