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In this window, you can

- create slide show video from selected picture files

- add text on the created video

- specify the compression (codec) of the video

Select picture files or the folder including the pictures you want to include into the video. You can specify the speed of the video from the slowest 1 picture display for every 60 seconds to the fastest 30 pictures per second :

For 1 picture per 60 seconds, you should set Display One Picture Per .... Seconds to 60 seconds.

For 30 pictures per 1 second, you should set uncheck the Display One Picture Per .... Seconds option and set Speed to 30 fps.

You can select any compressor (codec) installed in your computer to create the video, and specify video dimensions. You can also record any text you specify by checking the Record Text On Video option such as a date or a title etc. You can set the vertical location of the text on the video and the font size.

Uncheck the  ' Keep Aspect Ratio ' option if you do not want to keep the pictures' original aspect ratios.

Click on the ' Make Movie ' button in order to create the video. While creating new video, all pictures in your list will be displayed on your screen at top. You can terminate this process by pressing the ' ESC ' key.



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