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In this window, you can

- resample a video by changing its compression (codec) and the speed

- change only the speed of the video

Click Open An AVI File button to open a video.

When you open an AVI file, the information about this file will be displayed under AVI information part. You can press on the play button in order to play it with your default AVI player.

You can specify new speed and/or compressor (codec) for the new AVI file. Then click on the ' Resample AVI File ' in order to choose a name for the new file and resample it. You can press the ' ESC ' key to terminate the resampling process.

Check Change only the speed of the video option if you don't want to change the codec. This will only change the speed of the video very quickly.

After resampling, you can play new AVI by clicking on the ' Play New Movie File ' and display information about the new file by clicking on the ' Display New File's Info ' option.



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