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Convertor can be used to convert AVI files to SWF (Flash), WMV (Windows Media Video) and EXE (Executable File) format videos.


AVI files can be resampled with a new codec and/or playback speed.

AVI File - Source File: Source file to be resampled.

AVI File – Destination File: Destination AVI file to be created.

Original AVI Information : Video dimensions, length, file size, codec information is displayed.

Properties of New AVI :

Codec : Codec to be used in the new video can be selected here.

Speed : Playback speed of the new video is specified here in frame per seconds. For fast or slow displays, the speed of the video can be changed here.

Change Both Codec And Speed: AVI file is created with the user specified codec and playback speed.

Change Only Speed: Changes only the playback speed of the video. If the video includes an audio stream, the duration and speed of the audio doesn't change. This may cause the video and audio unsynchronized.

Include Audio : When this option is checked, if the source AVI file has an audio stream, it will be copied to the new video.



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