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AVI File : File to be converted to SWF.

SWF File : Location of SWF file to be created.

HTML File : Location of HTML file to be created. This file is created only if 'Create Html File' option is checked.

Include Audio : If checked and movie file contains audio, audio will be included in the flash file.

Add Controls : If checked, PLAY, STOP and PAUSE buttons will be included in the created flash movie.

Auto Play : When SWF file is loaded by flash movie player (for instance internet browser) it automatically starts to play .

Loop : When ends while playing, Flash movie returns to the beginning and plays again.

Background/Border Color : Defines background (and also border) color when movie is created in Html files.

Border Size : Thickness of the border. (Default is 4)

Play Movie After Finished : If Html file is created, converted file (SWF file) is started to play in default html player.

Play Button : Plays the converted SWF file by opening the generated HTML file. This setting is applicable only if the convertor is set to generate the HTML file.

Restore Defaults : Restores SWF converter to its default values.

Advances >> Button : Opens advanced settings.

Quality : 16 bit or 32 bit colors can be selected. Selecting 32 bit colors will increase the quality and the file size. 32 bit setting will also remove unwanted lines from the video if there are any.

Keyframe Every : Keyframe rate setting for SWF file. (1-80 : Default is 15)

Playback Rate : Frame per second setting of SWF file. (1-80 : Default is 30)

Use ADPCM Audio Compression : Compresses audio in ADPCM format.

Adapt Audio : If audio format (sample per second) of the AVI file is not appropriate for SWF, it changes audio format before converting to SWF.

Split To Several Files When Exceed 16000 Frames: When SWF file exceeds 16000 frames (which is the frame number limit for SWF files), it splits the movie into several parts.

Connect Ends Of Splited Files To Each Other: When the movie is splited into several parts, it connects movies to each other. When the playing one ends the next one starts automatically.

Load Another Flash Movie When Finishes : When checked, SWF player loads a specified other SWF Movie file. If the new loaded file is set to play automatically when loaded, it will start playing automatically.

Create Html File : Creates html file to play the converted SWF file in the default internet browser.

Html Title : Title for the html file to be created can be specified by user.

Add Hyper Link To Html : Adds an hyper link to the end of html file (just after the movie).

Text : Text of hyper link.

Link : Link of hyper link.



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