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BSR has also a configuration wizard which opens at startup automatically by default. This wizard provides users to configure BSR step by step.


4.1.1. Record Screen :

Select this option for screen recording.

4.1.2. Edit / Produce Video In Movie Lab :

Opens BSR Movie Lab. With BSR Movie Lab, users can add texts, images, videos, callouts, mirrors (zoomins), effects, transitions, speed objects, skip frames (JumpTo) objects into the recorded videos. In BSR Movie Lab, videos can be resampled with new codecs, in new dimensions, with new speed and in new other video formats (SWF and WMV).

With BSR Movie Lab, users can prepare tutorials, presentations, video for video sharing websites etc. ( See Movie Lab section for further information )

4.1.3. Play Video File :

Select this option to play a previously recorded video.

4.1.4. Movie Studio Tasks :

Join Two Videos : Opens Merge screen of BSR Movie Studio for joining two separate video (AVI) files.

Extract/Cut A Video : Opens Extract screen of BSR Movie Studio in which the user can extract any portion of the video into a new file, extract sound of the video into a wave file and save picture of any frame of the video.

Add/Mix Sound Into A Video : Opens Add/Mix Audio screen of BSR Movie Studio for editing the audio of the video. Users can add new audio or mix audio with the existing one.

Make Video From Pictures : Opens Picture To Video screen of BSR Movie Studio for creating video from the picture files.

Open Audio-Video Synchronizer : Opens Audio Synch screen of BSR Movie Studio for editing video for the audio synchronization.

Resample An AVI File : Opens Resample screen of BSR Movie Studio for resampling an AVI file. In this screen the user can change the codec and speed of the video.

Open Photo Studio : Opens Photo Studio for viewing the captured photos.

4.1.5. Open Convertor :

Opens Convertor screen of BSR for converting AVI files to SWF or WMV. ( See Video Convertor section for further information. )

4.1.6. Troubleshooting Link :

Opens the troubleshooting web page for BSR Screen Recorder.

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