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4.4.1. Options :

i. Include Date/Time :

When this option is checked, BSR will record date and time into the video. Click Date & Time Settings button for further settings :

Format of the date and time can be set from the Format settings. Properties of the date and time display can be configured from the Properties . Position of the date and time display on the video can be set from the Position . The display of the date and time can be previewed in the Preview .

Enabling Record Mouse Click Displays will provide BSR to record mouse clicks to the video. Left mouse clicks are animated as red lines and right mouse clicks are animated as green lines on the video.

Restore Defaults button restores the default values for the date & time settings.

ii. Include Watermark :

By checking this option, BSR will record a user-specified watermark on to the video. Click Watermark Settings button for further watermark settings :

Click Open Pic File button to select an image file to be added on the video as watermark. Transparency slider sets the transparency of the watermark. Original Size button sets the watermark to its original size. Original Ratio button sets the original aspect ratio of the watermark. Undo button undoes the last change. Selected watermark will be displayed and can be carried to any place and resized.

iii. Record Subtitle Text:

When this option is enabled, BSR will open a small textbox during recording. Any text written in this text box will be displayed on the video as subtitles.

While screen recording :

Recorded video :

Click Text Settings button for further subtitle settings.

You can select font, font size , text color and the background of the subtitles.

iv. Disable Acceleration (Prevents Blank Recording):

When this option is available (since the operating system will not allow, it is disabled in Windows Vista and Windows 7), it can be checked to prevent blank video recording. BSR turns off the hardware acceleration automatically just before starting the recording and turns on again when the recording is completed. Checking this option also increases the capture performance.

v. Record Transparent/Layered Windows:

When this option is checked, BSR will record transparent/layered windows displayed on the screen. Since this option may slow down the recording, it should be used only when needed.

Show Markers :

If this option is checked, the region markers (red frame) will be displayed. When this option is not checked and when a region is selected on the screen, the markers will automatically display to indicate the selected region and will be closed when the recording finishes.

Show Monitor :

This option opens a monitor to display the selected region on the screen. The video display can be previewed from the monitor.

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