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4.5.1. Compression :

If the Automatic option is checked, BSR automatically selects a codec installed on the computer. Another video codec which is installed on the computer can be selected by unchecking the Automatic option. Codecs are third party applications which can be downloaded and installed on the computer independent from BSR Screen Recorder. These installed video codecs can be selected and configured here. For instance Xivd and DivX codecs can be selected here if they are installed on the computer. For instance selecting the Xvid codec for recording will provide better quality and less file sizes. These codecs can be downloaded from their websites.

When an AVI file is carried to another computer, the video codec used for recording the video must also exist in that computer in order to display/open the video. Microsoft Video 1 is the most common existing video codec. For distributing a recorded video file, if you used a special codec or a codec which may not exist in the target computer, converting AVI file to SWF , WMV or EXE formats in the video convertor before the distribution and then distribute the video in SWF, WMV or EXE format will overcome this problem.

4.5.2. Recording Options :

Disable Screen Saver During Recording : When set, BSR disable the system screen saver. BSR Screen Recorder records whatever visible on the screen during recording. If the screen saver runs while recording, it will record the screen saver.

Priority For BSR Screen Recorder : This options sets BSR Screen Recorder's priority among the other running programs during recording. Setting this option to High will provide BSR high priority among other running applications and BSR will gain more CPU resource which will increase the capture performance. Meanwhile, it may cause other applications run slower during recording.

Capture Speed : Sets the video capture speed. The fastest capture speed can be set to 100 frames per 1 second. The slowest is 1 frame per 24 hours.  Click on the red button figure to lock the current speed settings for use in all sessions. In WatchIt Mode, speed settings are not used. Computer performance may not allow BSR to capture video at the specified speed due to the computer performance during recording.

Dimensions : Sets the rate of the output video dimension. When Automatic option is enabled in the Video tab of main configuration , BSR sets the output video dimension rate automatically for a better capture speed (fps). When the selected region on the screen for recording is larger, BSR automatically reduces the output video dimension to increase the capture performance. The output video dimension rate can be changed here by the user. The output video dimensions can also be entered as pixel width and height instead of a percentage. Click the small circle to save the dimension settings for all sessions.

In the configuration wizard, there exists only a part of the configuration options which are used more frequently. For the other configuration options which don't exist in the wizard, you should open BSR Configuration by clicking the Configure button on the main interface. (See Section 3 – Configuration of BSR for further information.)


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