How To Record Video and Audio With BSR Screen Recorder 

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If not installed yet, first download BSR Screen Recorder from here to start screen recording : DOWNLOAD BSR SCREEN RECORDER

1. The Wizard

1. When BSR Screen Recorder is started, the first thing that appears on your screen is The Wizard.

If you do not want the Wizard in the start up, select Do not open at start up.

The Wizard would be your guideline in your recording session. However, the options in the Wizard are also available in the interface of BSR Screen Recorder.

In the wizard, Record Screen option has five different options.


2. What Would You Like To Record?

The options are A Region of the Screen, A Window, Entire Screen, Multiple Region (Picture-In-Picture) and Auto-Pan.

A Region of the Screen will help you record a portion of your monitor, webinars, webcams or online video streaming sites such as Youtube, Dailymotion, and etc. In order to begin recording, first choose Record Screen in the Wizard.

Select A Region of the Screen.


3. Selecting A Region

After you select A Region of the Screen, BSR Screen Recorder will give you a border.  Using your cursor, you may adjust the border or you may reselect the area you want to record.


4. Setting Output Video Dimensions

After adjusting the borders, click OK.  When you click OK, BSR Screen Recorder will inform you about the Output Video Dimensions.

You may adjust the settings using the Change button.

After you are finished with Output Video Dimensions and click OK, BSR Screen recorder gives you the options menu for Audio and Mouse Cursor.


5. Audio And Mouse Cursor Settings

You may adjust the settings to your liking. After you are finished with the adjustments, you may start recording.  To start your recording, click on the Start Recording button.


6. While Recording

Upon clicking the button, selected area will appear in a red frame. In the lower right corner of the frame, you may see the control buttons.

During the recording, you may also use the Hotkeys to manage your recording. 

F6  - Start Recording
F7 - Stop Recording
Alt+P - Pause
F9 - Zoom In
F10 - Zoom Out 

Please note that the Hotkeys are adjustable.  You may readjust the Hotkeys from Options in the Settings:


7. After Recording

After you stop recording, BSR Screen Recorder presents a menu.

You may watch the video using Play, open the folder of the recorder file using Open Location, save the recorded file in another folder under another title using Save As, or delete it using Delete.

You may edit the file (add text, add picture or video, add arrows or callouts or add mirror and different effects) in the Movie Lab.

In the Movie Studio, you may extract video/picture/audio, add or mix audio/narration, merge with another video, change compression or playback speed, or readjust synchronization.

You may also convert the type of the video using the Convert option.