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How To Record Subtitles

Below you will find the steps you should apply in order to write text on your video while recording :

1) Click 'Record Subtitles' in the 'Configuration' to activate subtitle recording.

2) If you would like to configure the properties of text such as color, background style, font etc. , click on the 'Subtitle Text Settings' button in the Configuration Panel Page II :

If you've already configured or you want to use the default setting you may go to step 3.

Subtitle Text Setting window will open :


You can select any font installed in your computer. Click on 'Text Color' button to select a color.

You can select a background type among 3 different choices ( None, Transparent Background or Solid Background)

BSR sets subtitle text size automatically according to the size of source . You can select 'Very Small, Small, Normal, Big, Very Big' for determining size. Resize the subtitle text setting window to see the automatic change in text size.

Click on 'Apply' after you finished.

Settings will be valid only for the current session. If you want to use these settings in all sessions, save it by clicking the button in Configuration panel.

3) Now you can start recording by clicking the 'Record' button. Subtitle textbox will appear just under the source you've selected :

Text you write in this box is written simultaneously on the video :

Subtitle text is recorded in two main rows. When you press ENTER key, BSR will start to record the second row :

Note : It is not required to press 'Enter' key to write the text on video.


Note : If you would like to record only one row, you can press 'Enter' key twice each time.

After you finished recording, while watching the video, text will appear as you're writing each letter. Also deletions of text will be wacthed. If you want to record text sentence by sentence, or if it is not possible to write text while recording since maybe you have to handle the mouse, then you can pause recording with hotkey (first you should set hotkeys; activate record hotkey (defaultly F7) and pause key (defaultly F6) ). While paused, write the text in Subtitle Textbox, and continue recording. Pause again, change the text, and continue recording...