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How To Record WebCam Video


1) First, open the webcam video window that you want to record.

2) Launch Bulent's Screen Recorder (BSR)

3) In order to select the webcam video window for recording, click on the 'Select Source' button.

4) You may select 'A window' or 'A Region' . 'A Window' is better if you can select the video window.


If you select 'A window', then when you move your mouse cursor on the webcam video window, a red frame will appear on the borders. Click 'Enter' key or 'F4' key to select it as source of video recording.

If you select 'A region', then you should select the region manually. Press 'Enter' key after you selected the region. A red frame will appear to show the borders of the region you've selected. (You can also enter the width and height values manually.)

Details about 'A Window' method : When the webcam video window is selected, you can carry it to anywhere on the screen while recording but it must on the top of desktop to be recorded.

Details about 'A Region' method : This will select a region on your desktop. A red frame will appear on your desktop after selection. You should keep the webcam video window in this region and not move out of it in order to record video.

5) Click on 'Record' button to start recording. You should keep webcam video on screen. If you see the webcam video on screen, Screen Recorder will see too.

6) Click on 'Stop' button to stop recording

7) Click on 'Play' button to watch the video you recorded, or 'Save' button to save it.

Your webcam session is recorded as a standard Windows video file (AVI) which can be displayed by all media players and you can convert it to Flash (SWF) or WMV.

Additional Settings :

You can add subtitles, date/time, mouse cursor click sounds/displays, highlights, keystroke sounds into your video. After recording you can edit the video in its Movie Lab for adding texts, pictures, video-in-video, effects etc into video, add background music, narration. Convert to Flash, WMV. You will discover much more. Download now.


Click Here For Watching A Video Tutorial on How To Record Screen



Recording With WatchIt Mode Activated :

Activate 'WatchIt' mode in the 'Select Source' menu :

Details about WatchIt Mode : In WatchIt mode, BSR will watch the webcam video if it is frozen or not. Pauses recording automatically when frozen. Continues recording when video stream starts to come. This mode will save you from unnecessary frames. In WatchIt mode audio can not be recorded. If you would like to record audio at the same time , you can record the video stream manually ( see description below about 'Manual Recording'.)

If you want to use the WatchIt mode always in the future, you can configure BSR to start in WatchIt mode in all sessions. This setting is done in 'Other Settings' window. See the help file.

Manual Recording :

You may record the video manually by not activating the 'WatchIt' mode. Apply the following steps 5 and 6 instead of the above :

1) ... (See Above)

2) ... (See Above)

3) ... (See Above)

4) ... (See Above)

5) If 'WatchIt' mode is activated, deactivate it by removing the check mark on it in the 'Select Source' menu :

6) Click on 'Manual Record' button and hold it to record the video. When you release the button it will pause recording. And will continue when you press it again. Or you may use 'Hotkeys' for recording. Defaultly 'F7' key starts or continues recording, 'F6' pauses or stops according to your hotkey settings.

7) ... (See Above)

8) ... (See Above)